Analytics and Innovation

Welcome to the WordPress site for the University of Montana’s Master of Science in Business Analytics, where we feature student writing on the intersection of analytics and innovation.  Check out the student blogs below:

Student Blog 1Blog 2Privacy Paper
Alexis CampestreA Brief Exploration of the Looming “Trough of Disillusionment” of Artificial IntelligenceModern Rights:  Data AgencyRFID Implants in Humans
Apsara RodriguezThe Rise of Continuous IntelligenceTableau vs. Power BIAI Surveillance:  The End of Privacy As We Know IT
Austin BankstonThe Future of Conversational AIEdge Computing:  Implications for Data ScientistsRFID Implants in Humans
Kathryn PuczkowskyjThe Intersection of AI & ReligionTransparent and Seamless Healthcare Data:  Can We Achieve it in Montana?DNA Testing Kit:  Not Worth the Risk
Jordan McNeaData-Enabled Network Effects:  Anti-Trust Implications for TechWhat People Get Wrong About Corona Virus DataAI Surveillance:  The End of Privacy As We Know IT
Sarah Thompson  A New Way to “Watch” the Debates:  Analyzing Text to Discern Candidate Positioning on Key IssuesData Science and Healthcare During the Covid-19 PandemicDNA Testing Kit:  Not Worth the Risk
Michael SchwartzBlockchain:  The Cure for What Ails the Music Industry?Computational Creativity:  An Exploration of Algorithmic CompositionDNA & Privacy in the Data Age
Taylor ToepkeUseless Data or Useless System:  How Courts Use DataJudgment Time:  An Analysis of Dept. of Child and Family Services AlgorithmsPersonal Privacy and Deepfakes
Ross StokesThe Fitbit FluThe Sustainable Tuna RollPersonal Privacy and Deepfakes
Alistair BernhardBehind the Lens: The Porn Industry’s Use Of Data Analytics and TechnologyData = Dystopia China’s Social Credit SystemDNA & Privacy in the Data Age
Aspen RunkelData Translators:  Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Executive Decision MakersOne Great Balancing ActAI Surveillance:  Is It Worth It?
Brenna HoffmanAsking the Right Questions to Find & Fix the Root Cause of a ProblemAugmented Reality:  A New Tool in the Data Scientist’s ToolkitAI Surveillance:  Is It Worth It?